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About Us

Safir jewellers is an online and a showroom jewellery retailer based in north London.

It was Launched in 2011 and since then we have been giving the best service we

can to become a trusted family jeweller to our awesome customers. We highly value

the happiness of our customers, as we have succeeded altogether, and we are

where we are because of the support and trust we get. Jewellery says something

about the person who wears it, and at Safir Jewellers, we can help you find the right

piece for the right person.

We ensure our actions are consistent with our Corporate Values, enabling us to

maintain the relationships and reputation. An emphasis on personalization and

strong ties to our clients, industry, and communities, Safir Jeweller’s provides our

clients with more than they imagined for less than they anticipate. We offer the finest

items – well manufactured, well designed, properly represented by a knowledgeable

staff, and beautifully wrapped – regardless the budget. We are really passionate

about the designs we offer or make, and are always open to new ideas that can

come from you.

If you are heading into Haringey, pop into Safir Jewellers and grab yourself

something special - and don’t forget to bring your broken jewellery in with you, as we

can fix that whilst you grab a coffee!